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about me

I am a visual communication designer and illustrator who loves to create branding. I am passionate about all things fashion, film, psychology, mental health and feminism.

Common themes that I like to explore in my illustrative work include dreams, reality, perception, the unconscious and the human condition.

  • Microsoft Office

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • InVision App

  • Basic Figma

  • Photo editing

  • UX research, UI

  • Flat icon illustration

  • Vector + raster illustrations

  • Experience with Wordpress Divi Theme

  • Basic video editing (Adobe Premiere)

  • Basic web design

  • Basic HTML/CSS




I am very interested in psychology and am invested in mental health. I believe in supporting women, minorities, people of colour, and groups that face stigma, and that it is important to de-stigmatize and encourage a better understanding of mental illness. My interest in psychology also means that I am curious about behavioural patterns, and try to understand why people do what they do. I believe that that interest helps inform my design.

As a very empathetic person, I find that my empathy allows me to better understand my target audience, to try to step into their shoes and understand their lives. I believe empathy is key to creating design that can truly resonate with its audience.


I am heavily inspired by avant-garde Japanese fashion. Fashion requires critical thinking and analysis, requiring research and visualizing concepts and themes through imagery and a designer's choice of fabrics or materials. The creative process of curating a runway show heavily inspires my own research for my design work.

Avant-garde fashion allows for exploration of various themes that may be taboo or stigmatized in society. My interest in subversive designs and experimental work feeds into my love for avant-garde fashion. I aspire to create such innovative and meaningful work in my designs as well, and I appreciate how fashion brands can also influence culture and lifestyle through their brand values.

Some of my favourite designers and brands include Yamamoto Yohji, Comme des Garçons, Ann Demeuelemeester, Undercover, Vivienne Westwood, MISBHV, Julius_7, and Hyein Seo.


I adore movies and am deeply moved by the cinematography in movies. The use of mood, lighting, colour and symbolism mirrors the design elements, such as line, shape, tone, and more. Cinematography can be almost intuitive, similar to the Gestalt theory’s Law of Proximity, where people automatically perceive a group of objects to be related without being explicitly told that they are. Understanding the influence of colour and design elements on emotional impact are integral in design.

I appreciate that movies can dig deep into people’s unconscious, and am particularly fond of psychological thrillers and horror movies. Horror movies tend to get a cheap reputation, but I appreciate the horror movies that delve deep into people’s psychological fears.

A few of my favourite horror movies or psychological thrillers include Hereditary, Black Swan, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, NBC’s Hannibal, and The Ritual.

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