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ui app design

UI app design - illustrator, photoshop, indesign, invision app

This app was a group project that was created to address the lack of clarity and accessibility with restaurants in terms of their ability to accommodate customers with allergies. The app aims to make dining out easier for those with allergies, to reduce their fear of being exposed to potentially dangerous allergies. It also makes preparation easier for restaurants, so that they can more quickly accommodate customers.


The app would be used by both customers with allergies and by restaurants, who would have their own version of the app. The app allows users to book reservations, which will notify the restaurant through their own app. The restaurant then is able to prepare and accommodate for the customer's allergens before they even walk in the door, saving both parties time. In some cases, equipment needs to be cleaned or prepared separately. The reservation means the restaurant will know exactly what sort of preparations they need to do for that customer's specific allergies, which are easily found from the user's profile.

The high-fidelity working prototype is available to click through here: 


Screen 1

This user flow shows a new user signing up for the app. This is the initial screen.


Screen 2

The user enters their information to sign up. 


Screen 3

The user completes their profile by choosing their specific allergies/dietary restrictions. They are able to search for more restrictions and to select multiple allergens.


Screen 4

This is an example of what the screen looks like when an allergen is selected - "Dairy" is selected here. 


Screen 5

"Tree Nuts" is also selected as an allergen. 


Screen 6

Now that the allergens are selected, the user's profile is complete. 


Screen 7

The user is taken to the main screen, where the user's location is marked on a map with an orange dot. Nearby Top-Rated restaurants are indicated, and the user is able to search for restaurants or food in the above search bar.


Screen 8

The user searches for "thai food" in the search bar, and a list of Thai restaurants appear. Since the user has selected dairy as one of their allergens, the word "milk" with a face next to the restaurant indicates whether that restaurant is able to accommodate for milk allergens. 

This would be explained with pop-ups to the user the first time they use the app.


Screen 9

The user clicks into a restaurant, where their full list of allergens is listed and the restaurant's ability to accommodate them is noted - in this example, the restaurant is unable to accommodate seafood allergies. 

Restaurant reviews by other app users are available, and users are able to reserve a booking at the restaurant at the bottom of the screen.


Screen 10

The user selects 7pm as their reservation time, which notifies the restaurant to know that they are coming and that they have this specific list of allergens. This saves time for both the restaurant and the customer.


Screen 11

Once the user hits "Confirm" at the bottom of the screen, they are taken to this screen to verify their reservation and/or to edit it if necessary.

View the clickable high-fidelity prototype here: 

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