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ECUAD alumni association


ROLE: graphic design
TOOLS: photoshop, indesign
COLLATERAL: postcard, pin
CREDIT: copy by ecuad alumni association

I worked with the Emily Carr University Alumni Association to create a postcard that would provide recent grads with all the information and resources they would need to help facilitate a smooth transition from post-secondary education to full time work post-grad. The postcard includes social media links, information on the transfer of personal emails and information and information for the benefits and services that the Alumni Association offers for graduates.

I also worked with the ECUAD Alumni Association to create a pin for recent grads; both the pin and postcard were designed with consideration to ECUAD's branding, and made to be consistent with ECUAD's brand guidelines.

The pins and the postcards were handed out to all graduates along with an Emily Carr tote and other freebies.

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