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ROLE: layout, vector icon design + illustration, photo editing
TOOLS: photoshop, lightroom, indesign, illustrator
COLLATERAL: contract catalog spreads, vector icons, layout, photo editing
CREDIT: photographs by Ratana

As a part-time junior graphic designer at Ratana, an outdoor furniture company, I was responsible for multiple layout designs in the company's 2017-2018 Contract Catalog. This catalog is used by interior designers and contractors who are interested in purchasing Ratana's furniture to outfit spaces such as offices, homes, stores and much more.


I also edited images and layouts in preparation for the new website launch that is scheduled for later this year. The layout designs involve redesigning the old catalog spreads to reflect a newer and more modern image. They are designed to be simple and informational, while also reflecting Ratana's company style.

I contributed to many of the layout designs, as well as many image edits. This work involves compositing furniture over new backgrounds, removing the backgrounds of photos and cleaning up and editing photographs of the furniture. Many of the photographs are retouched for flaws or completely Photoshopped, such as when the furniture used in the photograph differs from the actual product.

I am also responsible for creating small vector icons that are used in the catalogs to quickly convey information as to the dimensions of the listed product. These icons are created in Illustrator.

Ratana Contract Catalog - I was responsible for several of the spreads in this catalog, as well as various photo edits throughout the catalog. I also created the vector icon illustrations seen in the Table of Contents.

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