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undercover &

jun takahashi


ROLE: art director, branding, layout
TOOLS: photoshop, indesign
COLLATERAL: printed 24 page book
CREDIT: cecilia musmeci (photography), alessandro luciono (photography), asaf rotman (brand overview), nicole phelps (runway coverage)

This book reviews Jun Takahashi's work for Undercover from brand conception to current work, and features photography by Cecilia Musmeci, Alessandro Luciono and others. The brand overview is written by Asaf Rotman, and the runway coverage is detailed by Nicole Phelps.


The use of red is quite pronounced in Jun Takahashi's work, and reflects the bold and rebellious nature of Undercover. As Undercover is largely inspired by the punk movement of the 1970's, the graphics used in the shirts reflect the bold lettering that was popular at the time. This bold lettering inspired the graphic use of phrases that can be found on various Undercover garments throughout the design.

Below, the digital version of the book is available to read, as well as the site mock up for the promotion of the book.

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